Saturday, August 30, 2008


So I've decided to try a new venue for my blog. it's time for a make-over. is the more 'sophisticated' me(haha) that is still a work in progress.

Blogspot, you've been oh so good to me. that doesn't mean i'm trashing you all together, i just liked the look of the other one!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

CSM 2008
Brussels, Belgium

Me, Nadine(spain) & Krystal(greece)

Time spent w/ beautiful friends in Brugge, Belgium

Students from every tribe & nation!

Me, Siri Helene, & Cortney-Lovin' Norway!

sportin' the chinese pose. love you girls!

This year at CSM(College of Student Ministry) we were blessed to have our 1st Norwegian representation!! We had 2 friends join us, Siri Helene & Johnny. I'm so grateful they were able to participate and get more of an idea of what student ministry in Europe is to look like. It was a great time of prayer, creative worship, training and teaching. I felt I learned a lot and was greatly encouraged as we met with our fellow missionaries(our 2nd family) from Europe. It was inspiring and uplifting esp. as we knew we were headed back for another year of student ministry here in Trondheim, Norway. I'm filled with so much hope and excitement for what God is going to do this semester and this year!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Remebering Joe

A great colleague and friend, Joe Zickafoose, passed away Aug. 12th, after an 8 month battle with bone marrow cancer. Many of us on staff from Students for Christ-Europe were gathered for a meeting while at CSM when we got the news that Joe had passed away. The news was surreal, yet it was a blessed place to be because we were able to cry, pray & share memories of such a great man of faith and purpose. I thank God for having known Joe. Meeting him in Budapest, several years ago, our team felt a connection with him right away. His sense of humor left us with side aches from laughter and his ability to make you feel welcomed was truly a gift. We sat at his feet & learned much about life & ministry in such a short period of time. He unknowingly poured out wisdom that shaped those listening. For this, I am thankful!

I am encouraged by the life Joe led and am confident he left fingerprints on many people's hearts, including mine, by his love for the Lord and for people. He will be greatly missed, but I rejoice in knowing He is the hands of His Father in Heaven.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Chuck&Sally, Dan&Elisa, Dan&Sarah, & Nadia
All came to join us in prayer for Norway!!
I loved our time spent together! You're all
such an encouragement!

So happy to see one of my bestest friends, Elisa!
Reunited in Trondheim!

We had the privilege of meeting with several groups
of people from different churches to
pray and seek God together
What a great time of community and FUN!!

One night after a prayer meeting....
WE SAW MOOSE!!!!!!!!!
One of my dreams for living in Norway came true that night,
to see moose up close and personal. Boy were they close!!


chicken, beans & rice

girls on the town-Soroti

We had the opportunity to share in several churches
They received us w/ open arms, smiles from ear to ear and
amazing worship & dances

The guys in the village of Otuboi-
Dalmas, Magnus, Audun, Charles, & Brett

Me with some of the girls at Amuria Girls Hostel

We showed the Jesus film in 3 villages in their local language: ATESO!
It was a great time to share the story of Christ and pray for many.

The girls- Cortney, Elisabeth, Katrine & I

Learning how to crush spices

Amazing members and 'family' from Nakatunya church
We love you and you're so precious!

We purchased speakers with the help of many
people that helped us share the gospel with many people

Where we stayed

Jesus is Lord van!! whoop whoop!
This thing got us everywhere!

beautiful faces

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Wonderful 'Summer' Adventures Begin
(the longest entry of photos EVER!!! haha)

Norway's Independence Day
17th of mai
Some friends wearing their traditional dress:
a bunad

Jess's going away party :(

We love you and we'll miss you Jess!!

Welcome to the U.S.A!!

First Stop: Kansas City, Missouri

I finally got to meet Dan & Elisa's babe, Caleb
They're great!

Amy was a trooper and drove all the
way from Colorado to see me!!
I love you AMY!!!

Ariel, Leah & I got to catch up:
weddings, weddings, weddings

Next stop: Houghton,Michigan
Home Sweet Home

I hadn't seen my family in 2 years!!!

I also got to hang w/ Christina,
my long lost chum!!

Next stop: Duluth, Minnesota

Reunion with old friends makes
my heart glad!

So happy to see Jordan & her family
I see where Mac gets her smile from :)

KATE!!!! it's been ages!

One of my 'sisters', Em & I


The Wedding Party

Rebs was absolutely stunning!!
You're so beautiful.

Goodbye Duluth!!!

Final stop: Minneapolis,MN
I got to stay w/ Cara one last night before
heading back to Norway

Cara, Prego Becca, Jessica & I

Met up w/ the old gang

And got to see my good 'ole Jess again!!! hehe

All in all, my time prior to going home as well as being at home was great! i got to spend quality time with a whole lot of great/'crazy' Americans & who could ask for more?? I have to admit that it's been a whirlwind!! Time has flown by and i've had a lot of fun, laughter, tears and goodbyes, but I'm so thankful that I was able to get home. This whirlwind of events only seems to be speeding up as i'm now home & packing for our next adventure: UGANDA!!! we're leaving tomorrow morning...4AM!!! please pray for us & i'll show you more pics when we return on July 7th!

mucho love,